​BREAKING: UI Student Vows To Walk To Class Naked, Other To Drop Out Of School In His Third Year Over Today’s Match Between Man Utd And Man City​

Members of a particular room in the same great Baluba Republic discussing about football – The match between Manchester United and Manchester City decided to take it up a notch. Two student in particular (names withheld) who are fans to the opposing teams got lost in the frenzy as they had a bet with the Manchester united fan saying that if his team loses he would walk to class ​naked!​ and the other retorted that he would drop out if Man City loses.

So whether they keep to their words, tomorrow shall tell. If the man that plans to go naked is your friend then pray his team wins and spare Unibadan streets some balls juggling. If they are both your friends, pray for a draw (saves them both) and if you love seeing balls juggle this extra info is for you: ​The student in question is of the faculty of education and his class is for 12pm.​ The other that intends to drop out is a 300level student faculty of pharmacy.

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